The Yogananda Trust, Vrindavan Newsletter

These Newsletters offer a joyful insight into the lives of our mothers and all the ongoing activities in Vrindavan that have been made possible by the support of our donors and volunteers.

In these Newsletters, we have taken the opportunity to introduce you to our mothers and the staff who are serving them on your behalf. We update you on the various activities and new initiatives we adopt to continue serving our mothers in more and more meaningful ways.

Hope you feel through these newsletters, the joy and love we feel through our service.

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D.R. Kaarthikeyan’s Newsletter

Dr Kaarthikeyan is a prominent figure in India. He is the Former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation, Director General, National Human Rights Commission, Special Director General, Central Reserve Police Force.

He very kindly wrote about the work carried out by the Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust in his newsletter Issue 33, dated February 2020.

His newsletters have a viewership of over 20000 people in this country and abroad.

Dr Kaarthikeyan was extremely moved by the way the Yogananda Trust is looking after the widow Mothers of Vrindavan. He has been visiting Vrindavan for a long time and has also met with the Mothers in his previous visits. However in this visit he found a marked change in the level of contentment and joy in the Mothers. No one spoke of what they don't have, instead they only exuberated Joy, Love and Laughter. He said that this shows what a difference the presence of the Yogananda Trust has made in these Mothers' lives.


Holi celebration at Radhakund and Vrindavan

We celebrated Holi at Radhakund on 10th February 2020. We had a Kirtan with the Mothers staying in the Yogananda Trust run Ashram. We were also joined by the Mothers living in the community. This was followed by playing Holi with flowers and Parikrama of the Holy Radhakund while doing Sankirtan with over 120 Mothers and Gurubhais. On the way we're continued to play Flower Holi with all whom we met amidst the sacred sounds of mridangam, cymbals, conch and ullulation. It was a completely Divine atmosphere in the land of Radha Rani.

On 29th February 2020, we celebrated Holi in Vrindavan with our Mothers, Gurubhais and Sevaks. This time we visited Ashram to Ashram playing Holi with flowers on the way with elders, children and anyone whom we met. At each Ashram the Mothers joined us and we walked to the next doing Sankirtan. This was a completely different experience to Radhakund Holi celebration and yet equally uplifting and Divine. This time we played Holi in the land of Radha and Krishna.

Be the Change Walkathon 2020

12th Jan 2020 - Walk with us to support the widows of Vrindavan

1300 young and old people participated in this amazing initiative of Love and Support. This Walkathon was a way of raising funds and awareness building about the need of these Mothers and the presence of the Yogananda Trust in Vrindavan. It reached out to all these people to join hands towards changing the consciousness of society towards the elderly

Cleanliness drive at Vrindavan and Radhakund

On 10th and 28th February 2020, volunteers and monks from Ananda Sangha India came to Vrindavan to participate in the Cleanliness drive. They went to the homes of the elderly Mothers (above the age of 75) living in the various localities of Vrindavan and helped them deep clean their rooms, washrooms, courtyard and also wherever allowed Master's picture was put up in the rooms where the Mothers stayed.