Our Work

The Yogananda Trust serves 4,550 destitute, abandoned, and helpless elderly women per month, especially widows, above the age of 60 years, in Vrindavan and Radhakund in Uttar Pradesh, India. These elderly women and widows have been left all alone either due to the death of their family members or abuse by their husband or children. In less fortunate cases, the widows have been flung to Vrindavan out of the outdated social custom of isolation after their husband’s death. Most of them belong to the distant backward parts of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Here at the Yogananda Trust, they have opened their hearts and souls and allowed it to be a family to them. They have shared their stories of survival with utmost trust and faith. The Yogananda Trust attempts to provide these mothers with love, care, and compassion for the betterment of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.