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Our Story

For over 600 years devotees and helpless women came to Vrindavan to spend their last years. Widows come in large numbers because of various kinds of periodical charity and religious activities which take place here; however, there is no proper support for the basic needs of a roof over their head, food on their plates and clothes on their backs, especially for the infirm and poor elderly section. They have little access to medical facilities. At the same time the widows have to endure social and cultural stigma and discrimination. The society in general is apathetic and hostile towards the elderly and especially to the elderly widows and hence to sustain themselves they have been forced to beg and live a life with no dignity and respect.

Seeing this need of our elderly and abandoned section of society the ParamhansaYogananda Public Charitable Trust launched its operation in Vrindavan in December 2014 and currently is reaching a total population of more than 4000 widows, sadhus, poor women and children through various programs to meet their basic physical needs such as housing, food, clothing, medical and social, economic, psychological and spiritual well-being.

The focus of the ParamhansaYogananda Public Charitable Trust is to spread “Ever New Joy” in the communities of Vrindavan and the lives of all the mothers and sadhus whom we care for by raising their consciousness and helping them have a healthy, happy and collaborative life. We achieve this by providing an environment of love, care and compassion. To ensure a healthy life style, we take special care of nourishing their body, mind and soul through various well thought out activities and programs. The Trust provides a safe and respectful environment for our elderly and helps them find their self-worth. Our team of 76 committed and dedicated membersreach the most needy, single, destitute and widowed elderly through our comprehensive range of need based community support services and home-based care.