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Medical Facilities

The Trust gives a lump sum donation every year to the very well-equipped Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, which undertakes to provide all types of completely free treatment enabled by the donation including medicines – even surgeries to the thousands of widows looked after by the Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust. Through this 2,57,488 patients have been treated till date and 64,522 free surgeries have been carried out including orthopaedic implants, eye surgeries, urological surgeries etc. This includes all poor elderly widows and other destitutes in Vrindavan and neighboring areas.

The Trust maintains two equipped ambulances not only for emergencies but also for taking the sick mothers to the hospital for treatment.

The Trust has employed trained and qualified OPD Attendants to take care of the mothers, brought by the community service staff to the hospital for treatment. We also have well trained bedside Attendants who stay in the hospital round the clock to provide constant attention to the inpatients, without whom these mothers will not get admission.