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Elderly Engagement

  • There’s an old saying that with age comes wisdom. But so too does hearing loss and possibly cognitive decline. We have developed a well-researched Active Aging Program to preserve the physical and mental health of our Ashram residents by engaging them in recreational and developmental activities which stimulates and improves physical activities, cognitive functioning and helps to promote a better quality of life.

  • It helps transform the mother’s consciousness, engages them, and makes them happy and collaborative. This program will be rolled out to the Mothers and Fathers living in the communities as well.

  • Scripture studies and Satsangs have also been introduced in our care homes for the mothers and fathers. This too will be done in the communities.

  • Book Reading is done by the mothers in the Ashrams one day of the week. They read from any of the spiritual books written about Paramhansa Yogananda.

  • We have daily Energization Exercises, Yoga Asanas, Mantra Chanting, Meditation and Healing prayers in the Ashrams and Community for the mothers and fathers.

  • Every evening and on special occasions we have a Kirtan Mandali in the Ashrams where the Mothers themselves participate and go from Ashram to Ashram to engage the other mothers in joyfully singing their Lord’s name and raising the vibration of the Ashram and the community as a whole.

  • Our Mothers celebrate the various Festivals with enthusiasm and devotion. They along with the staff of the Ashrams decorate and beautify the respective ashram temples, their rooms and the corridors. On the day of the festival special puja, kirtan and meal is organized and prepared by the mothers and the staff together.

  • Empowerment programs are soon going to be rolled out for the mothers living in the Communities so that they are able to live with identity, dignity and respect.