Vrindavan widows find solace in blue-jacket volunteers

Abandoned by her family, an elderly and wrinkled woman lies crumpled on a hospital bed here, maggots falling off one of her decaying hands. The Ramakrishna Mission Hospital says the woman was found on a street. She was in terrible agony when she was admitted. Every day, as nurses and staff clean her hands, the… Read more »

Do angels live on earth?

Vrindavan has many people, organizations and systems that help the thousands of old widows who somehow find their way here. Old age homes, shelters, chanting houses (bhajanalaya), regular feeding of the poor, hospitals all geared to one end – helping those who cannot help themselves. If you want money, sing for 5 to 6 hours… Read more »

A 5-minute drive to hell … Coming?

A blissful morning meditation at Anandamayi Ma’s ashram in Vrindavan, sitting at the doorway to her bedroom, had us almost floating out to the car. The chilly air blowing in through open windows of an early December morning rippling through the waves of peace, love and joy in our hearts … Five minutes later we… Read more »

A Visit to Vrindavan

20-June- 2017 I visited the Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust in Vrindavan today. I didn’t really know what I was going to see, perhaps some widows who had been abandoned by families. Perhaps some spiritual seekers, who had not only given up on the spiritual search, but also on life itself. Perhaps some temples, beggars,… Read more »