Community and Home-based care for the aged widows

Community Care Homes for Widows and estitute Women: The Trust runs seven community care homes at four locations in Vrindavan and Radha Kund to provide individual care, treatment and support for destitute, sick and terminally ill elderly women. The trust provides complete basic in-house facilities for their food, clothing, medical care and suitable environment for spiritual practices for a total of 180 widows, destitute women and babas (sadhus). A dedicated and committed team of staff members provide care, support and treatment with love and compassion.

Monthly food support to 3,260 widows: The Trust is supporting the basic nutritional need of around 3,400 widows; 1,750 of them directly and 1,650 of them through the grant given to the Rama Krishna Mission Sevashrama, Vrindavan for those who are very poor and destitute in Vrindavan and Radha Kund. The monthly ration provided covers all basic meals and nutrition needs for one month.

Daily Milk and Vegetable Distribution to 1,250 people: The Trust is providing daily milk and vegetable supply to around 1,250 poorest of poor, elderly and chronically ill widows and Sadhus towards improving their physical health conditions by providing them milk and green seasonal vegetables. This takes care of their nutrition needs.