Free Medical Care of Poor

Out-patient and In-patient Medical Treatment and Care for Widows, Destitute and Poor: The Trust has made arrangements with the Rama Krishna Mission hospital to provide free treatment and care. A dedicated team of 30 community care workers identify and accompany on average 60-100 patients to the hospital on a daily basis for out-patient treatment and provide home-care through follow up visits. In addition to the elderly widows, several male sadhus, devotees, other home-less, poor and needy are also supported for treatment and care at the hospital. Monthly on an average of 35 in-patients were provided the services. So far, the trust has helped with in-patient medical care for more than 1100 patients and improved their health conditions and lives.

Mobile Health clinics: Trust carries out regular mobile medical clinics covering Vrindavan and Radha Kund area at four different locations to provide free diagnosis and treatment including medications by a team of qualified and experienced doctors. A total of 400 elderly and sick are being taken care of through these monthly clinics. A system of registration and regular screening, treatment, follow up and monitoring system to treat diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and nutritional deficiency has been developed. This will enable them to live a healthy life and spent time on spiritual practices.

Clinic for Joint and Muscular pain by expert of Kineseo –taping practitioner: Monthly clinics for screening and treatment of joint and muscle conditions is carried out for those having problems of joint and masular pain, calcium deficiency, and other ortho related issues. A monthly average of 100 patients were provided free diagnosis and treatment followed by individual guidance to do exercises. Our care-home and home-care team help them in their regular therapeutic exercises and medical follow up.